10 Symptoms of Competency Based Training – including Train the Trainer

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10 Symptoms of Competency Based Training as interpreted and implemented in the Australian Vocational and Education and Training System.

  1. Learning outcomes are divorced from the processes of learning and curriculum.
  2. Trainees are focused on the assessment instead of completing assignments and activities. (Often)
  3. Instructors focus on developing assessments. (Often)
  4. Intended to ensure industry ‘control’ over Vocational Education and Training – an ‘Industry-led System’.
  5. Acts as a mechanism for social manipulation by privileging employer perspectives.
  6. Denies trainees access to the theoretical knowledge that underpins vocational practice – the ‘anti-theory brigade’ – both theory and practice are needed to understand more completely
  7. Modularised and problematic conceptions of work because trainees are not provided with the means to participate in theoretical debates shaping their field of practice and thereby developing a fuller conceptualisation of work and society/community.
  8. A form of trainee ‘silencing’ because it excludes trainees from access to the means needed to contemplate or conceive of a possibility or a desirable future within their field.
  9. Trainers and trainees develop only a Behaviourist understanding of learning  – Behaviourism was a movement from the 1920s until 1950 that emphasised the outward behavioural aspects of thought (what is demonstrated is “known”) and dismissed the inward experiential, contextual and sometimes the inner procedural, aspects as well (Brain processes of memory and learning – cognitive science).
  10.  Trainers are, themselves, “educated” by Competency Based Training – review 1. to 9. above for the limitations imposed by this.

Main Reference:

The limits of competency-based training & the implications for work: Leesa Wheelahan


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