Actions and Outcomes, It’s All About Consequences

by Jonathan Wells,

Actions always produce outcomes! Embracing this one fundamental truth has the power to completely change your reality. Regardless of your current circumstances, you can start recreating your reality right now by getting crystal clear about the law of consequences.

I am not exaggerating when I say that you can radically simplify the whole concept of creating a better reality for yourself by making one simple change in the way you run your life. Always consider the consequences of your actions. Is that something you would you be willing to try? Before you say yes, I’d like to tell you a little story.

Don’t expect something for nothing

There was once a poor exchange student who rented a room above a fancy restaurant. Every night as he ate a plain bowl of rice for dinner, he would sit at the top of the stairs and enjoy the wonderful smells coming up from the restaurant below. As he ate, he would savor the aroma and imagine that he was dinning on the delicious delicacies being served down in the restaurant.

When the restaurant owner found out what the exchange student was doing, he took him to court. He wanted the student to pay him for the enjoyment he had derived from the food smells coming from his place of business.

The judge listened intently and then asked the student if he had any change in his pocket. When the young man said yes, the judge asked him to shake his pocket so he could hear the coins rattle. Then the wise judge told the restaurant owner: “The sound of money is sufficient payment for the smell of food.”

What’s the point?

Millions of people have bought into the idea that they can sit around visualizing a better life and that somehow it will manifest. When it doesn’t happen they go searching for the missing secret or a new technique that will make it happen. I am not saying that visualizing isn’t powerful because it is, but visualizing without actions is not going to change your life.

You would never expect the smell of food to satisfy your hunger or the sound of money to pay your bills. Visualizing is a great way to get very clear about where you need to focus your attention, but actions are needed to produce meaningful outcomes.

The law of consequences is about reality

Like all fundamentals, the law of consequences is based one simple  truth, actions always produce outcomes. That means that putting the law of consequences into practice requires a realistic approach and a willingness to accept personal responsibility for your life. It also means letting go of the fantasy based idea that somehow your world is going to be magically transformed without any effort or actions on your part.

I realize that pie in the sky, fairytale promises of a better life without any effort are popular, but I prefer to deal in reality. How about you? Are you ready to fully embrace a realistic approach to creating a better reality on every level?

What is the law of consequences?

Simply put, we are talking about cause and effect. The law of consequences states that every result or outcome (effect) happens for a reason (cause). Everything we do (actions) produces some kind of outcome and by carefully considering the possible consequences of our actions, words, thoughts, or decisions in advance, we can be much more successful at producing the outcomes we desire.

Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.  ~Norman Cousins

Recognition of the law of consequences is fundamental to understanding how we influence our own reality. It can be incredibly empowering to know that all our actions (cause) leads to an some kind of outcome (effect), but to benefit from that knowledge we must be willing to accept full responsibility for our behavior.

Let logic be your guide

For some reason there are those who want to complicate things when you start talking about cause and effect, but I’m not one of them. At its most basic level we are simply talking about actions and reactions. If we have the foresight to consider how our words and actions will play out, we can make better choices that will have a positive influence on the quality of our life.

Shallow men believe in luck.
Strong men believe in cause and effect. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here’s a little exercise that can vastly improve your reality on every level. Before you make a decision, think it through to its logical conclusion. Ask yourself: If I do this is it likely to produce desirable consequences, or is it something I will regret down the road? If you get in the habit of walking your decisions through this simple process before you commit to them, it will change your life.


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