Students with disability pathways – Public and Private Registered Training Organisations


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Adult Learning Australia

Adult Learning Australia (ALA) is the national peak body representing organisations and individuals in the adult learning field.

ALAs mission it to advance a learning society, through advocating and promoting accessible and quality learning; researching and advancing innovative approaches to learning; developing and influencing policy on adult learning; and celebrating the joy of learning.

TAFE Public RTOs

Source: Down Syndrome, Victoria,

TAFE institutions across Victoria provide a wide range of vocational education opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

These courses can offer skills and training that will assist in the transition in to work, further education and basic skill building.

Below is a list of TAFE courses that are designed for people with an intellectual disability and are beneficial to the development of skills.

There are numerous courses that are offered at a variety of different TAFE institutions around Victoria. For further information about
the curriculum and where the course is offered, click on the links for course specific information:

Certificate I in Transition Education
This course aims to provide people with a disability with the skills to access a preferred option such as further education or entry into employment.

Certificate I in Vocational Preparation
This course aims to provide knowledge and skills which will enhance continued education and employment prospects.

Certificate I in Work Education This course provides skills for those who want to work in a catering kitchen, including supporting skills and knowledge for fundamental cookery duties. Some providers only offer this course to students over 16 years of age with special learning needs (including intellectual disability).

Certificate I in Creative Industries – Theatre & Events
This course allows students to develop basic knowledge and skills for the live production, theatre and events industries.

Certificate I in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy
This course supports adult students at the early literacy and numeracy stages and equips students for everyday living and further study.

Certificate I in Work Preparation – Community Services
This course provides exposure for the student to working in the community services industry. It may also serve as a basis for workplace training for people with a disability seeking employment in open employment or a business service.

Initial General Education for Adults
The General Education for Adults courses provide a curriculum of education in the areas of literacy and numeracy, as well as basic education and skills building.

Certificate I in General Education for Adults – Introductory

Certificate I in General Education for Adults

Certificate II in General Education for Adults                                              

Certificate III in General Education for Adults

Private For-Profit RTOs

Source: Australian Disability Clearing House on Education and Training,

Private registered training organisations deliver accredited and non-accredited courses and programs across Australia. Currently, there are more than 4000 private RTOs operating nationally.

To be registered as a training organisation, RTOs must meet a range of mandatory requirements set by the Australian Skills Qualification Authority (ASQA) and state and territory regulatory bodies.

Private RTOs provide qualifications ranging from certificate I to advanced diplomas, in a wide range of fields such as:

  • beauty therapy,
  • hospitality,
  • travel,
  • business,
  • computing,
  • music,
  • childcare and
  • naturopathy

Community Not-for-Profit RTOs

Australia’s not-for-profit community education and training providers offer a wide range of accredited and non-accredited courses, classes and learning programs to job seekers, employers and community members in their local area.

Courses and programs include:

  • English language,
  • foreign languages,
  • computer software and IT, and
  • numeracy
  • floral design
  • life skills such as cooking and budgeting

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