7 reasons to Block LinkedIn members and be anonymous to them – logical consequence


Logical consequence (also entailment) is one of the most fundamental concepts in logic. It is the relationship between statements that holds true when one logically “follows from” one or more others.

When people talk about debates in the media today, they’re often referring to trivial Twitter spats that flare out as quickly as they came.  An anti-intellectual worldview in which there is no room for critical thinking.  DYLAN BYERS

But the Bambi Rule evangelism — the “no haters” mentality, the finger-wagging at criticism — is intolerable. It marginalizes and even demonizes critical thought, the one thing that is essential for separating the wheat from the chaff. It allows for the proliferation of hucksterism. And it promotes the idea that …. “questions of truth, meaning, goodness, justice and beauty” don’t matter. Of course, if hawking chaff is your trade, I can understand why the Bambi Rule appeals. DYLAN BYERS

1. Snarking

Block people who go into diatribes with acerbic language about your Posts or comments, which clearly indicate they have not read, nor thought about, the content but rather attack the messenger personally.

They seek your reaction and justification.

They only want to hear their message. There is no room for adult learning.

Not because it upsets me, but because it distracts others from the point of the Post or comment in the first place – Block.

2. Condescension – patronisation

This is an attitude of patronising superiority and disdain. No point. Block.

3. If you find comments repetitious, aggressive, out of context and often

Repetition without any thought indicates a closed mind or a mind already made up.

No learning available here. Just let it go.

Letting go isn’t less: it’s creating space in your life for the new. Let go – Block.

4. Folks who complain that you Post  too much.

You don’t have to be manipulated by the complainer – they can Block you anytime. They don’t have to comment on every Post unless they want to.

They can read or not read what they want to.

If they won’t demean themselves because of their unwritten law that “you should never Block anyone” and they keep the immature ranting and taunting behaviour going – Block them.


5. If you really don’t know the person

If you aren’t connected to them in at least a vaguely meaningful way or the relationship has changed to the negative,  and they are just disruptive for their own justification and gratification (Troll) – life’s too short – Block.

6. If they’re too unusual.

Even if they’re less than mentally “dislodged” —if they communicate aggressively and strangely  – Nothing to gain here. Block them.

7. If they’re hucksters

If they try to sell their points  in an aggressive, dishonest, contemptuous, personalised or condescending way – yes, Block them, of course.





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