How to fix Voc. Ed. & Training comprehensively – Issue Five

(C) Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Intellectual Property of Dr. Bruce D. Watson, DEd Melbourne, FAIM, MACE,

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Encouraged (and enforced) responsible business community role for Registered Training Organisations

Responsible business behaviour in Australia is primarily only been regarded as a meeting legal obligations in compulsory areas, such as workplace health and safety provisions.

This perspective has narrowed Australia’s approach to responsible business practice and appears to have exacerbated a lack of interest in the role of business in community development. 

Many companies and businesses that have big impacts on communities and their quality of life recognise that there is both an ethical imperative and a sound business case for focusing on sustainable community development.

1. There is a need to develop and implement policy that Voc. Ed. and Training businesses must embrace concerning social responsibilities and not be solely focused on maximizing profits from public or private funds. 

2. There is a need to develop and implement policy introducing a formal “Social Licence” to operate a Voc. Ed. and Training related business, including  Private Registered Training Organisations. Note that TAFEs already have Legislated social licence responsibilities.

Continued: Issue Six


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