How to fix Voc. Ed. & Training comprehensively – Issue Twelve

(C) Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

Intellectual Property of Dr. Bruce D. Watson, DEd Melbourne, FAIM, MACE,

For Private individual use and comment.


Ensure that the VET System is socially responsive, not just industry responsive

Ensure the VET System, which includes public and private RTOs,  is deliberately multicultural friendly – Multicultural education is not a discrete learning area, or simply the provision of Languages and English as an Additional Language (EAL). Multicultural education makes sure that all students have access to inclusive teaching and learning experiences. These experiences will allow students to successfully take part in a rapidly changing world where cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication skills are essential.

Ensure VET System, which includes public and private RTOs, is deliberately learners with disability friendly – Learners with disability should learn in inclusive environments to get the skills they need to successfully participate in the workforce and the wider community through a range of programs.

Ensure that the VET System, which includes public and private RTOs, are deliberately race, asylum seeker and refugee friendly – Building in an understanding of the lack of support and flexibility around VET provision for refugees in capitalist societies as potentially related to structures and discourses of white privilege which shape notions of work and workers in Europe. It has been convincingly argued they do in countries such as the US and Australia.

Enforced and encourage responsible business community role for all Registered Training Organisations (not just the public sector RTOs) – Responsible business behaviour in Australia is primarily seen as a legal obligation in compulsory areas, such as workplace health and safety provisions. This perspective has narrowed Australia’s approach to responsible business practice and appears to have exacerbated a lack of interest in the role of business in community development and community engagement.

Businesses of all sizes, including public and private RTOs, that have big impacts on communities and their quality of life increasingly recognise that there is both an ethical imperative and a sound business case for focusing on sustainable community development. Implement policy that businesses must embrace concerning social responsibilities and not be solely focused on maximizing profits.

The environment is ripe in the VET System for the introduction of a formal “Social Licence” to operate a VET related business or RTO. A Social License has been defined as existing when a project/service/business has the ongoing approval within a local community and other stakeholders, ongoing approval or broad social acceptance and, most frequently, as ongoing acceptance.


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